Sunday, August 16, 2009

Obama and immigration policy

Unfortunately the Obama position on immigration has not improved. U.S. corporate domination of Latin America produces immigration. This neo liberal domination was strengthened by NAFTA. During the campaign, Barack Obama said that he would ask to re-negotiate NAFTA. Now, his major Commerce dept. negotiators say that NAFTA does not require re-negotiation. That is, corporate capitalist domination is strengthened.

Corporate capitalism exploits immigration sending countries like Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras and the others. Mexico provides an example. Since NAFTA, Mexico now has a 50% poverty rate, worse than prior to NAFTA.
So, why do people immigrate- to make a living, so their families will not starve.

The political class says, “we are a nation of immigrants”, but the current immigration laws prevent the poorest of the poor from immigrating. Following the rules means getting back in line under the broken immigration system.

Getting in line from Mexico means a wait of up to 15 years for an immigration card. So the poor farmer from Oaxaca who is facing the loss of his small farm ( 5-10 acres), who faces the loss of food for his/her family, is expected to apply for immigration and to wait for 15 years. In just one year he might lose his farm and members of his family. This reality is ignored by those who say I support immigration, but it must be legal.

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