Monday, July 11, 2016

Trump and the Left in California

Duane Campbell
Like Bernie Sanders- I think that defeating Trump is the major issue of the current campaign.
There is an argument  being made in much of the Anglo left in California and around the nation that Trump may be dangerous, but he will be defeated in California.  So, we don't have to organize and mobilize to defeat him here.
This is the argument of that makes sense to many on the white left. As before, they have failed to recognize the reality of the terrorism imposed on the Mexican and immigrant communities by Trump's proposals and the Trump campaign.  And, they fail to recognize that they can not win their various projects and proposals without the support and growth of the Latino vote.  For more on this issue see  Harold Meyerson,

While Trump may well be defeated at the ballot box, Trumpism-- the organization and mobilization of a anti immigrant Right Wing, will grow.  Even a modest vote gain by Trump in California will foster the growth of naked racism, xenophobia, and authoritarianism.  This kind of populist right wing White nationalism is what passed Proposition 187 ( and re-elected Peter Wilson), passed Proposition 209, and similar right wing mobilization led to the deportation of over a one million Mexicans ( including U.S. Citizens) in 1932, and over one million Mexican workers in 1952.
As in the case of California proposition 187, a surge of right wing voters will doom all efforts on immigration reform for at least a decade.

None of the favored progressive initiatives can be passed without the active participation of Latino voters.  Together we can build a better society.
Divided- we all loose.

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