Saturday, July 30, 2016

New California history texts will include Chicano history and diversity

Dolores Huerta 
By Stephen Magagnini, Sac Bee.
"After 10 years, thousands of public comments and contentious debates, the California Department of Education has rewritten the history curriculum for California’s more than 6.2 million public school students.
The new History-Social Science Framework for grades K-12 was adopted by the state school board on July 14. It reflects the struggles and progress of LGBT Americans in the United States and California. It also contains more detail on Latino history, along with the role Filipinos played in both World War II and the United Farm Workers movement."
If you are willing to serve as a reviewer to see that the new textbooks meet the new requirements, apply here. 
2017 HistorySocial Science Adoption
The application for reviewers for the 2017 History­Social Science Adoption is now live on the CDE Web site at, under the tab “Reviewer Info.” as a reviewer. Applications will be accepted through October 19, 2016.

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