Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Ethnic Studies Bill Passes Senate- On to the Governor

Thanks to your constant support AB 101 Ethnic Studies passed today in the California State Senate!!! It now goes to the Governor's desk for signature. We are receiving word that he may veto the bill. Please join us and take action!

1. Call the Governor:
(916) 623-4866Tell Governor Brown to take a stand and support Ethnic Studies. California is NOT Arizona. Use/Share this ESN number so we can keep track of how many people call. Then press "1" for English, and "4" to speak with a rep. Say you want the Governor to sign AB 101 into law. If you get voicemail, it means the Governor's line is busy, so just keep calling back.

2. Email Governor Brown:
Letters to the Editor
Please also consider writing a Letter to the Editor to one of the following newspapers about the importance of AB 101 and Ethnic Studies. You can use the email to the Governor as an example. Please let us know if the article is published. How to submit a Letter to the Editor:
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