Tuesday, May 01, 2018

Challenging Exclusion

Challenging Exclusion / Humanizando la Deportación: Interaction Installation

Wednesday, May 2nd (6-9pm

Wednesday May 2, a closing celebration with refreshments and live dance performance by Calmecac. We will take this opportunity to reflect on our experience over the past month of this collaborative project, its strengths and areas for improvement, and where we see this work going. Come share your ideas and help us brainstorm future projects! 

INTERACTIVE INSTALLATION (April 7 – May 2)This project employs digital storytelling to produce an open access archive that gives a human face to the deportation crisis (www.humanizandoladeportacion.ucdavis.edu), making visible a diverse range of personal narratives, from crossing the border in hopes of a better life to growing up in the US, serving in the US Military, the challenges of being undocumented, the atrocities of immigrant detention, families separate by the 'wall', unbreakable bonds of love, struggles with addiction, making a new life and building community. In collaboration with local artists and organizations working on themes surrounding immigration and deportation, UC Davis students and Sol Collective invite you to join us in creating a participatory space for reflection and dialogue.

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