Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Assembly Committee Passes SB 54 - Sanctuary

Today the Assembly Committee on the Judiciary passed SB-54, the California Values Act, that places limits on California cites, police, and counties to not cooperate with federal ICE agents.  This bill next goes to the full Assembly.

 The California Values Act cleared another major hurdle last week when it passed the Assembly Public Safety Committee with overwhelming support. Our calling campaign has been going on for five months, and we have the momentum to pass SB 54 into law. We have to keep the pressure on.
SB 54 passed  the Assembly Judiciary Committee on Wed, July 5. 

If you live in the Sacramento region, call Assemblyperson Jim Cooper (Elk Grove) (916) 319-2009  and Assembly person Ken Cooley, (suburban Sacramento) (916) 319-2008. . Jim Cooper is a co sponsor of the bill. Insist that there not be further weakening amendments to the bill. 

See posts below for more information. 

 Until that happens and the bill passes, we need to continue to make clear our demands for protection for our immigrant friends, neighbors, and family members. Our broken and severely outdated immigration system criminalizes immigrant communities that contribute greatly to the great state of California, and to our country as a whole. This harsh, punitive system allows Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers to separate, detain, and deport hard working people—and local and state resources are devoted to helping ICE do just that.

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