Saturday, September 03, 2016

Black Progressives Go All In to Defeat Trump

Alicia Garza of the Black Lives Matter movement talks about the relationship between progressives and the African-American community during the People’s Action People’s assembly on Sunday in Milwaukee.
A newly formed national network of grassroots organizations with affiliates in 30 states that represent more then 1 million people has agreed to throw its weight behind an all-out effort to defeat Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump in the 2016 elections and to build support for a progressive economic and social justice agenda.
About 100 leaders of People’s Action, the organization formed out of an alliance between National People’s Action, Alliance for a Just Society, USAction and Campaign for America’s Future, voted on the “defeat Trump” resolution at its first-ever People’s Assembly, a governing body comprised of affiliate leaders.
The resolution is not an endorsement of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, although it calls for the organization to “reinforce and strengthen Hillary Clinton’s (and the support of down-ballot candidates) for our key issues in order to move our agenda after the election.
What it does do is reflect the posture of Alicia Garza, worker organizer and Black Lives Matter co-founder who was the opening speaker at the assembly on Sunday. She said that her decision about who to vote for would be based on choosing “the battlefield that is most advantageous for us to move the vision that we want,” backing the candidate that allows us “to embrace our biggest vision of what’s possible” while insisting “that we deserve a whole lot more.”

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