Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Stop with the Clinton campaign message that Bernie should end this campaign.

I would like my friends who are campaigning for Hillary to stop telling us all that Bernie should withdraw from the race.  Your whining  serves no useful purpose.
Bernie’s campaign is about building a left opposition in the U.S. Great progress has been made in this effort.  Some 40% of Democrats now consider themselves socialist, some mean social democrats.
Do you think that this campaign is like a basketball game or something ? Someone wins, someone loses, you cheer and you go home ?  It is far more important than a game. This campaign is about taking our economy back from the super rich and creating a positive future for our country.
We still have much to do, particularly the election in California.  We are not going home.  We are building an opposition movement.  I read the generational divide.   You haven’t convinced the millennial generation that he should drop out.  You don’t seem to get it.  Your advice has not been taken, so you give more advice.
And your campaign message that Bernie is getting too divisive is hollow.  You are obviously only listening to the Clinton campaign.  If you follow both campaigns, or progressive media, you will find that the Clinton campaign has been at least as divisive and taunting.
We need to build an opposition movement to defeat Trump.

Continuing the Bernie campaign contributes to our effort to defeat Trump.  Continuing the Bernie campaign is a statement that we support democracy, we want democracy to work.
As Bernie has said,  “The answer is, we are in this race until the last vote is cast,” Mr. Sanders said. “The people of California have a right to determine who they want to see as president of the United States and what kind of agenda they want the Democratic Party to have.
Hillary has problems.  The problems  are not created by Bernie.  Her support for Wall Street, her support for the coup in Honduras, among others,  are of her making.  Yes, they will cost her votes.  It is her history, her actions that are costing the votes- not the Bernie campaign.  See Robert Borosage’s piece on Hillary and campaign money.

Those of us who worked on the campaign, and are still working on the campaign, will get together in Chicago  June 17 – 19, 2016, in a National People’s Summit to decide on our next directions and efforts.

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