Monday, May 04, 2015

Steps toward an inclusive history of California

The Chicano/Mexican American Digital History project has completed stage one of the effort to amend the History/Social Science Framework for California Public Schools  with the submission of over 35 letters from academics and community activists demanding that Mexican Americans be included in the history courses.
Mexican American/ Chicano history is substantially absent from public school textbooks and curriculum in California- and it has been since  1986.  Latino student political non participation  and disconnectedness is significantly caused by Latino absence from the K-12 textbooks and curriculum.

We thank all of those who have participated in this effort.  On May 8, 2015, the  Instructional Quality Commission (formerly the Curriculum Commission) will meet in Sacramento to adopt a change in their schedule.
The proposed new schedule would be:

Instructional Quality Commission analyzes field review results and revises draft framework
May/ October 2015.
Instructional Quality Commission holds hearings and takes action on draft framework/sends recommendation to SBE
November 19/20, 2015.
Required 60-day period for public review and comment on Instructional Quality Commission’s recommended framework (CCR 9515)
January/Feb 2016
SBE receives Instructional Quality Commission recommendation, holds public hearing and acts on draft framework
May 2016
Document Preparation
Summer 2016
Final Publication
Fall 2016
The amended time line is based upon pending requests for funding of the Commission. 
The Mexican American Digital History Project, along with community groups will continue to monitor the development of a new Framework and to advocate for inclusion of Mexican American history.  We will be asking community groups, legislators, scholars and others to join in this effort.  We will also be identifying groups and individuals and legislators who do not support inclusion.  For example the California Council for the Social Studies has not been helpful yet, as have others. (The organization of California history/social studies teachers).
If you wish to be a part of the effort, send an email to the Mexican American Digital History Project at
To learn more about this effort, follow this blog. 
We will tell the truth and shame the devil.

Duane Campbell, Co- director.

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