Thursday, September 12, 2013

Socialism and Immigrants' rights in the Age of Obama

Democratic Socialists of America

Join Tom Hayden, Catherine Tactaquin, David Bacon  and John Nichols at the DSA National Convention~

Come Out Swinging: Socialism in the Age of Obama

October 25-27 in Oakland, California

Our mission is to build a democratic socialist movement because as Frederick Douglass observed “power concedes nothing without a demand.” We are a political, educational, and activist organization, not a party. Through campus and community-based chapters, we use a variety of tactics from legislative to direct action to fight for reforms that empower working people.
Our vision is of an economy and society run democratically to allow us all a dignified, healthy, and creative life – not to make profits for the 1%.

Attend the convention to:
  • Get to know fellow DSA and YDSers from around the country, share activism best-practices, and build democratic socialist community
  • Discuss and debate our political strategy in a rapidly changing political environment
  • Elect our national leadership for the next two years
  • Develop your organizing skills to help build DSA at the local and national level
  • Participate in sessions on the socialist project, including but not limited to:
    • Austerity
    • Class and Intersectionality
    • Cooperatives and a Socialist Economy
    • Eco-socialism
    • Immigrant Rights
    • Lessons from Abroad
    • New Directions for Labor
    • Racial Justice
    • Socialist Feminism
    • Student Debt
Convention Registration
Click here to get more information, register online and make hotel reservations. Or call the national office to register and get more information: (212) 727-8610.
Convention delegates are elected by DSA local organizations. Members not in locals may run as at-large delegates to the convention. YDS (DSA student group) members attend as delegates with their local or as at-large delegates. There is also an option to attend as an Observer.
Why attend?
Because a corporate dominated political system will move in a progressive direction only if powerful democratic social movements force it to do so. Your participation is important. 
If not now, when? 

In solidarity,
Maria Svart

DSA National Director

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