Wednesday, February 27, 2013

This is not acceptable- Makers

When Will They Ever Learn?

 PBS: MAKERS: Women Who Make America tells the story of how women have helped shape America over the last 50 years through one of the most sweeping social revolutions in our country’s history, in pursuit of their rights to a full and fair share of political power, economic opportunity and personal autonomy. Aired  on PBS Feb. 26 .

It certainly was an excellent documentary- but, the writers and producers left out Latinas.   There were two brief cameos with Dolores Huerta and an Albuquerque construction company owner Alvarado. : Makers: Women Who Make America
Here are notes to tell the rest of the story.
As a further illustration of  the Anglo centric view of the documentary, they even left out  Congresswoman Patsy Mink who wrote the legislation for the landmark Title IX legislation.  See

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