Monday, April 23, 2012

Support a progressive Democrat

I’ve sent you a short Bio of Wenona in previous e-mails. If you want me to re-send it, let me know, and I will.
Wenona is trying to get the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) to support her campaign. That support translates into MILLIONS of dollars in contributions (cash as well as in-kind resources, such as staff, mailings, television ads, etc.).
The choice for the DCCC is, in my estimation, very simple. The DCC has to choose between Wenona and Wenona’s Democratic Primary opponent, Anne Kirkpatrick, who served one term in Congress before being ousted due to her having turned her back on her base: Latinos, Native Americans, Labor, environmentalists, and progressives.
A couple of relevant examples that illustrate the stark difference between Wenona and Kirkpatrick:
*   Kirkpatrick supports SB 1070. She opposed the U.S. Department of Justice’s lawsuit against SB 1070. Kirkpatrick called the DOJ lawsuit a “sideshow” and insisted that SB 1070 be allowed to stand.
*   Kirkpatrick did not vote for the Dream Act the two times it came before the House during her tenure.
*   Kirkpatrick voted for the Bush tax cuts that benefited the wealthy at the expense of the middle class and working families.
In contrast, since the signing of SB 1070, Wenona has been at the forefront of the opposition to SB 1070. For example, she traveled to Mesa, AZ, to gather petition signatures to recall Russell Pearce and on election day canvassed key precincts in Mesa and worked the phones in the historic recall of Russell Pearce.
And Wenona has stood, and continues to stand, with the DREAMers in their principled struggle to get the Dream Act passed.
And Wenona has been very active in the struggle to save the Mexican American Studies program in the Tucson Unified School District (TUSD).

In contrast to Kirkpatrick, Wenona stands with unions, working families, and the 99%—which is all of us.
The difference between Wenona and her Primary opponent could not be clearer!
Wenona is energizing voters all over the district, especially Native Americans, Latinos, and young people.
*   even as the Obama campaign and the Democratic Party are seriously targeting Arizona, wanting to turn Arizona into a “blue” state…and
*   turning Arizona “blue” is COMPLETELY DEPENDENT on energizing Latinos and other “minority” voters and young people,
The DCCC is considering supporting Kirkpatrick, who supports SB 1070 and is against the Dream Act!
You can help get the DCCC to support Wenona—who stands for true Democratic values, for our community—by taking a few minutes to send an e-mail to the DCCC. See Wenona’s note below, re: whom to send the e-mail to and the e-mail address.
PLEASE TAKE THOSE COUPLE OF MINUTES TO SEND AN E-MAIL to the DCCC folks. Each e-mail helps immensely!
You don’t have to write a long letter. All you need to do is note the above points, as well as those made by Wenona in her note below, in the context of the stated goal of the Democratic Party to turn Arizona “blue”: The Democratic Party should support a candidate—Wenona—who is energizing Latino, Native American, young, progressive voters!
Supporting a person like Kirkpatrick, who supports SB 1070 and opposes the Dream Act would be a slap in the face to one of the Democratic Party’s most loyal and important constituent groups.
Thank you.
P.S.:Giving more urgency to Wenona’s election:
Wenona’s Republican opponent in the General election will be Jonathan Paton, the original author of the infamous HB 2281, which outlawed the teaching of Mexican American history in Arizona and which led to the recent banning of Mexican American and related books in TUSD, the firing of MAS Director Sean Arce, etc. [Paton also is a lobbyist for the anti-family Payday industry, which targets the working poor, particularly Latinos.]

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