Monday, August 22, 2011

Telling the story of migration

This is a sophisticated use of media. Be certain to look at the videos along with the story.

Immigration Patterns From Mexico

One of the great things about working in digital publishing is 
the ever-expanding way that technology can be used - and 
manipulated - to help us tell stories. A recent story by Damien 
Cave on some of the economic, demographic and social changes 
that are changing immigration patterns from Mexico carried with 
it a wide array of images, video and graphics that in a normal 
article presentation would have existed largely as links next to 
the article they accompanied. But to present this story, 
multimedia producer Josh Williams offered a way for all of those 
elements to be consumed in a more seamless fashion. A reader 
scrolling down the article would notice that different images 
and video would appear - making them visible at the relevant 
points of the piece. It's a bit easier to experience than to 
describe in words, so clicking the above link might help explain 
it. We received a number of positive comments from readers, 
including this one: "Please pass on to the editors that this is 
a fine, great, super rendering of what journalism really IS all 
about. Again congrats for a job well done by all!" 

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