Sunday, July 03, 2011

Recall Arizona Senator Pearce

RECALL Arizona Senator PEARCE UPDATE –As of this morning, 15,609 signatures have been processed – 9,414 ARE VALID!  With 1,339 signatures left to process, and at a 60% validity rate, we are on track to hit approximately 10,217 valid signatures. 

Citizens demand more from their leaders when it comes to addressing real problems like the budget crisis, job losses, foreclosures, funding for public education and health care for those most in need.
Because of our effort Russell Pearce will be the first State Senate President to be RECALLED in the history of the United States!

Now is not the time to rest, wait or declare victory. Now is the time for bold ACTION and we need your support to launch our next phase of the recall campaign.  PLEASE contribute $25 or more today.

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