Thursday, September 30, 2010

Ecuador- the start of a coup

No Room For Ambivalence: Support President Rafael Correa and Ecuadorean Democracy

Today a group of police instigated an uprising against the democratically elected government of President Rafael Correa in Ecuador. They physically attacked Correa and kidnapped him to a police hospital in Quito. Police continue to viciously attack unarmed and unprotected supporters of the constitutional order with tear gas and rubber bullets. One protestor is confirmed dead, and the coup attempt has spread to Guayaquil and Cuenca. The police are also attacking the press.
Men and women attempting to reach the president in the heavily guarded hospital are advancing in the streets with their hands in the air, as a sign of non-violence.

What began ostensibly as a labor protest by a small group of police officers has clearly become an attack on Ecuadorean democracy. In a special session of the Organization of American States, members issued a unanimous resolution supporting Correa and UNASUR has stated its unqualified support for the president.

President Correa confirmed that he is being held captive and stated unequivocally that his government will not engage in dialogue with the police as long as he is held hostage and the population is being savagely repressed.
This is no time for ambivalence.
We hope that the U.S. does more for democracy than it did in Honduras.

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