Monday, October 05, 2009

Puerto Rico Independence

Puerto Rico Independence Solidarity Movement
In the face of massive attacks by the 'golpista' Governor of Puerto Rico
and the political party in power (Partido Nuevo Progresista-PNP) on the people of Puerto Rico...
1.  Massive firing of public employees
(approximately 5,000 on first wave...and close to 17,000 last friday on the second wave)
2.  Massive repression by police of protestors
3.  Calling out the National Guard
4.  Massive privatization of public jobs and institutions
5.  Money give aways to private developers and foreign capitalists
6.  Destruction of public housing
7.  Destruction and eviction of poor neighborhoods and people
(Cano Martin Pena, Gladiolas, Villa del Sol to name only a few)
8.  destruction of public schools, arts and culture
9.  Workers Union busting
10.  Environmental degradation (Vieques)
We call on people and social movements in the United States to support the present struggle of the people of Puerto Rico for self determination and justice.
We call of US people and social movements to get informed on the events in Puerto Rico
We call on US people and social movements to re-build the solidarity movement with the struggle of Puerto Rico!
We call on US people and social movements to support the National Strike called for October 15, 2009!!!
join PRISM and support a sovereign Puerto Rico and justice for the people of Puerto Rico and put an end to the 'colonial status' of Puerto Rico (Remember Puerto Rico is a colony of the United States)

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