Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Mexican Senator Bashes Bush Cuba policy

Mexico Senator Bashes US Cuba Bully
Mexico, Oct 24 (Prensa Latina) Mexican senator Maria de los Angeles Moreno said Wednesday all nations must be opposed to the new anti-Cuban measures announced by US President George W. Bush.

The legislator, from the "Partido Revolucionario Institucional," told Prensa Latina that this is a replay of US arbitrariness and all countries must oppose the blockade against Cuba, which distorts international law.

"No country can impose unilateral sanctions to damage a people and I think the UN must ratify its position against a blockade responsible for enormous suffering of Cubans," stated Moreno.

"That position damages the UN, an organization that needs an in-depth revision to foster peace and international respect, and when a government acts against its voting it is infringing it on other member countries," she said.

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