Saturday, August 18, 2007

Kurt Stand

Kurt was a strong ally in our work.
To read of his present position see:
Kurt’s recent Letter to Friends, quoted above, can be
found at Visit this site also to
read more of Kurt’s recent writings or for updates on
his case.


Tom said...


thanks for your post about Kurt Stand. I met him in early 90's and developed a friendship that lasts to this day. he is a deeply principled comrade with tremendous honesty, integrity and common sense.

thank you for post and link to site put together by Lisa Stand and friends.
Tom Edminster

Rosa said...

Thank you very much for these comments... I am Kurt's daughter, and I am very glad to know that there are people who know my dad and recognize his integrity and the injustice being done to him.

He's facing four years left in prison, and the support of the community at large is a tremendous help to both my father and our family. Thank you.