Friday, December 02, 2005

Cornel West at CSU-S on Dec.1

Themes in the speech by DSA Chair Cornel West. Dec.1, 2005.

DSA Honorary chair Cornel West spoke at CSU-Sacramento tonight to a crowd of over 3000. It was an excellent speech.
Major themes were the predominance of white supremacy and the centrality of white supremacy in the foundations of this nation. And, how white supremacy keeps us from developing into a true democracy.
After paying tribute to Rosa Parks, Cornel asked, “Do we have the courage to think critically about our society?”
He urged students and the audience to cultivate their own best self. “What kind of human being do you want to be?”
He quoted James Baldwin as saying that, ‘innocence itself is a crime.” That is persons who claim to not see racism and white supremacy are themselves perpetuating an unjust society and weakening our struggle toward democracy.
He spoke of facing painful truths and realities in our society such as the realities of U.S. imperialism. Cornel encouraged the audience to establish balance in their lives and their priorities and to keep justice and democracy alive, not to only pursue individual riches.
And he spoke of the need to create networks of activists and justice oriented people.
Cornel referred to the DSA table and recommended it and DSA.
We were the only table in the room except for a commercial table
selling his C.D's.
We gave away all the DSA literature we had. And, picked up 5 sign ups.
Cornel West. Author of Race Matters ( 1993) and Democracy Matters: Winning the Fight Against Imperialism (2004) and Honorary Chair of Democratic Socialists of America. Professor at Princeton. University Union. 7:30 P.M.
Duane Campbell


samrocha said...

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Xrism said...

Cornel West is a walking contradiction. A man with too much education for his intellectual capacity. From the downing of this country's founding fathers to stating that blues and hip hop are a sort of savior to our social behavior. How much more ridiculousness can mayhem provide? He needs to spend more time in deep thought if he wants to philosophize and less time on Decorates himself in this neo-Malcolm X intellectual visage but, is only the kindergarten school ornament on a socialist tree. Preaches his way through the idea that this country is headed toward it’s demise because of our capitalist free market economy and then makes millions in book sales and charges $35,000 a lecture. He is a cross between Karl Marx, Chuck D, and Don King. No personal responsibility for personal choice. Another "it’s because of the white man" racist. He bashes and soils the same veil of freedom in which provides him the forum for his two sided narrow minded ideology. His two faces have split his tongue and we witness his democracy and moral sssssslander.