Friday, January 26, 2018

Trump immigration Proposals : Whte Nationalism

The Trump Proposals. January 26, 2018.
For the Anglo community, this is an advance of the Nativist Wing of the Republican Party.
For Latinos and immigrants, this is fascism.
Our Coalition Partner United We Dream called the proposal . “ a white supremacist ransom note.”
Congress refused  to pass the DREAM act on Monday, leaving 800,000 immigrants vulnerable to deportation in the near future. For 16 years, those hundreds of thousands of DREAMERs have waited for congress to pass the DREAM act. In that time, the DREAMERs gained a fragile legal status thanks to DACA in 2012. Now they lack even that, with only a temporary injunction against Trump’s cancellation of DACA protecting them from losing their right to live and work in the U.S.
We condemn the Republican Party and President Trump for their assault on immigrants, their militarization of the border, their assault on sanctuary cities, their efforts to end family unification and for their termination of DACA and TPS. 
We must unite with others to oppose the Administration proposals.
The Democratic Socialists of America will stand with immigrant communities to fight for a just immigration reform bill. Congress must not pass the Trump administration’s version of immigration reform, which would destroy the lives of millions. Any bill that passes needs to protect the rights of immigrants by granting them citizenship. Anything else is unacceptable. The upcoming weeks will be critical. The next deadline is February 8th. Now is the time to organize.

For a more detailed description, see our post of January 22.

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Immigrants’ Rights Committee. DSA.

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